General membership information

We ask that individuals who are interested in inquiring about the Seirin Dojo do some research on the classical Japanese martial arts (Koryu) and Japanese culture in general. These older arts are not like the typical mainstream martial arts found outside of Japan, and even experienced martial artists will find the differences are significant, with the majority of the prospective student's knowledge and beliefs not being applicable.

Please familiarize yourself with the methods of training and culture by reading the following articles before contacting the Dojo:

Entering the Dojo: What Price Are You Willing to Pay?
By Dave Lowry

Classical Budo and the Student Mindset
By Toby Threadgill

Koryu Bujutsu Foreward
By Lt. Col. George Bristol

A Koryu Primer
By Diane Skoss

What is a Ryu?
By Wayne Muramoto

Membership and Dues

Membership and training is not a right, it is a privilege. The Seirin Dojo is a private, non-commercial school, and as such do not have to accept people simply because they want to train. There is a considerable amount of time and energy invested by the Dojo instructors and senior members in the new student's training. As such, this training is only conducive for serious applicants that are interested in training for the long term and are not meant for, nor are we interested in, the casual practitioners, the "dabblers," or cross-training students and hobbyists. Martial arts training is not merely an "activity", akin to softball and other similiar athletic programs. The Seirin Dojo has students that commute long distances to train with us as well. We hold the classical Japanese arts as special and are an important aspect of our lives. As such, we only admit applicants we believe will likely share our passion and dedication.

These classical arts have a long and distinguished history, and training in them is not to be taken lightly - they require a great deal of dedication and commitment. Because of this, admission procedures and requirements are much more stringent, and expectations are considerably more demanding, than more typical martial arts.

The members of the Dojo do not make their living off of teaching the martial arts (doing so is considered a breach of our organization's protocol), and, unlike the usual money-for-instruction exchange, dues go toward supporting and maintaining the existence of the Dojo. Following the custom in Japan , we do not publicly post the amount for dues - it is only done via direct contact with the Dojo.

Our dues are well below the area average, and considerations are given to applicants actively studying or working in certain fields. Discounts are offered for those working in the fields of law enforcement, firefighting/rescue squad, and security professions. We also provide considerable discounts to high school and college students. There are no contracts or exhorbitant registration fees, and all fees are paid on a monthly basis. If the cost of training at the Dojo, or any Dojo for that matter, is the applicant's primary concern, then the overall costs of training may be too high, and martial training may not be what you are looking for.

Kengaku - "viewing training"

Individuals interested in training are welcome to contact the Seirin Dojo to schedule a time for Kengaku. After viewing a session, individuals are invited to inquire about the school and the arts trained, and from there become invited to partake in a class and get a "hands on" feel for the training. During this time, we will talk with the prospective student and get a feel if they would be a good fit and contribute to the Dojo and the organization. Upon being accepted, the new student will receive all the pertinent forms, manuals and waivers, be given a list of items necessary for training along with a list of resources for where to purchase training equipment, and be invited to start at the next training session.

To schedule a time to visit the Dojo, please contact us:


*July 13, 2012- We are now accepting new students (5 slots available).